How do you optimize value creation

for your company, your customers and your business partners?

Value X Consultancy helps you to discover and expand these to let your company grow

Value X Consultancy is an extension and an expansion to the Value X services around the theme of value creation. Value creation in the form of a good consult, interim management, the implementation of solutions from the Value X Scans and in giving custom workshops en presentations about a specific theme. 

What are the opportunities for value creation in your company: for business growth and revenue increase? What are the opportunities for value creation for your customers: better service, communication and additional products and services? What are the opportunities for value creation in working together with other companies: in a value chain? What are the opportunities to improve the cooperation (internally and with business partners) to support and expand value creation?

Value X is curious about you as an entrepreneur, about your company and about its employees. I would love to get acquainted and discuss how Value X can support your value creation.

eConsult offer due to covid-19

These are hard times for entrepreneurs. Therefore Value X Consultancy would love to help entrepreneurs with her expertise. Are you looking for (different) possibilities to generate revenue during, or after, the covid-19 crisis? Then we would love to help you! Our offer: a 1 to 1,5 hour eConsult, via phone video call or e-mail, about one or more of the subjects below for € 59,- (excl VAT). Please contact us for an appointment!

The expertise of Value X

Value X Consultancy helps your company with the following subjects, all based on her knowledge and experience and in getting great results for her clients. 

Our clients about Value X Consultancy

I’ve been working with Alice for a long time. We conceived and developed many ideas over the past few years, for ourselves, but also for others. What I like about working with Alice is that she brings me new ideas to help me further with my business. When I call Alice, she always provides at least 2 new ideas that I use to further strengthen my business.

Rob Cuperus


Are you curious about what Value X can do for your company? Do you have questions, or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!