Get the maximum return...

from the cooperation

Value X


Value X Consultancy helps you to find answers the the questions that concern your organization. The Value X Scans are a valuable method that provides insight and direction. After the report has been discussed with you, you can use your own resources to implement it.

Or you ask us to implement the results of the scans in your organization. Together we draw up a step-by-step plan and we investigate which people are available in your organization. Quickly and efficiently, you can immediately experience the results of the Value X Scans. This gives you the maximum return from the cooperation with Value X Consultancy.

Alice van den Boogaard, developer of the Value X Scans about this:

“By using Value X Consultancy, many companies have experienced how important it is to quickly and carefully implement the results of our scans in their organization. We developed the Value X Scans and know like no other how to make results visible. “