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As an entrepreneur or a management team, you spin many plates at the same time.

  • How can I increase my revenue and make my company grow?
  • How and where can I find new customers, new market segments and customer groups?
  • How do I strengthen my customer loyalty and increase revenue per customer?
  • How can I innovate and develop new customer- and market-oriented products and services?
  • How can I strengthen the brand and the market- and competitive-position of my company?
  • How can I direct our growth and get a clear picture of company's future requirements?

Value X helps your organisation to get answers to these crucial questions. With one overall approach.

Too much? Too complex to tackle with one approach? Not with the solution from Value X.

The solution from Value X

Let’s look at your company from the perspective of delivering, receiving and increasing value.

As a company, you exchange value with your customers.

You deliver value to your customers and you receive value in return. This diagram shows numerous values.

Value X helps to increase value for your customers, as well as for your company.

That is the solution from Value X, increasing value and letting your company grow.

Increased revenue, increased customer loyalty and customer value, new products and services and new customers!

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Deep analyses into how your company can increase revenue, customer loyalty and customer value. Learn how your company can create value propositions, find new customers, new markets and strengthen your market share.

Workshop 'Increase your value!'

Learn in 2 afternoons how to let your company flourish. Increase your customer loyalty, customer value and your company's revenue. Develop new products and services, find new customers and let your company grow.


A beautiful website, custom made for your company's needs, with the look and feel that you want to project. With several additional options, like: a webshop, SEO, multilingual page(s), email marketing and social media integration.


Learning with Ms. van den Boogaard through Value X has been a priceless process, helping me understand necessary strategic moves I now practice.

The Value X scans clearly identified both my company’s strengths and roadblocks.  As a direct result of this knowledge, I approach every aspect of my product with the concept of value exchange foremost.  From the moment I begin to create, while I am selecting packaging, to the moment I deliver my products to my customers and beyond, I confidently make decisions that reasonably add value to the relationship among my customers, my product, my brand and me.  Everybody is happier, including my bottom line.

Many thanks to Value X for teaching me how to better organize my financials.  Ms. van den Boogaard is deeply committed to my independence as an entrepreneur, a mandatory factor in any type of lasting success, whether in business or life.

Verenigde Staten

Alice created a wonderful website for our client council. Outstanding work! We should have done this earlier.

Client Council Lorenrzhof

Leiden, The Netherlands

The Value X Scan that Alice made with me, is exceptionally valuable. This made me aware of what differentiates me from other counsellers and coaches; ‘target groups’ and areas of attention are clearly put into perspective.

Next, Alice built a website that, in text and images, beautifully represents what Relief Counselling wants to provide to her clients. Alice listens to wishes, has a strong sense of purpose, looks at your goals and thinks along about the presentation of the website and the impression that the website makes on people that want to make use of the counselling provided.

Joke Spannenburg

Owner Relief Counselling

I’ve been working with Alice for a long time. We conceived and developed many ideas over the past few years, for ourselves, but also for others. What I like about working with Alice is that she brings me new ideas to help me further with my business. When I call Alice, she always provides at least 2 new ideas that I use to further strengthen my business.

Rob Cuperus


After a short introduction to our dive-club, Alice immediately understood what was expected: A fresh website, that would provide information about our activities. After delivering some pictures and movies, she started building and we are amazed by the result! Due to the fact that we cannot stop talking about our beautiful hobby, and Alice being a great listener, ended up in a marvelous website. Value X stands for Emphatic Design. Alice designs what she feels from the energy and stories. Thank you!

Jacco van Koll

OSVE, Enkhuizen, The Netherlands


Workshop 'Increase your value!'

Learn in 2 afternoons how to let your company flourish

The X is the Value that has to be found

About Value X

In my work as a customer and market strategist, marketing intelligence manager, researcher and consultant, finding the right drivers that lead to revenue increase and business growth has always been my motivation.

Over time, I have helped many small and large (international) companies with revenue increase and business growth. For the most part, I focused on three areas, each increasing revenue and growing business: increase customer loyalty and the revenue per customer; finding new customers, market segments and customer groups; and customer- and market-oriented innovation and product development. As a result, I learned that delivering, receiving and increasing value is the key to increasing revenue and growing businesses.

In my Value Exchange Management model, I have worked out how to increase value. I created the Value X Scans and Workshops based on this model. I work with entrepreneurs and freelancers on the increase of value in their companies every day. With great pleasure and enthusiasm. And, with great results.

Value X is proud of the high customer appreciation of 98

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