What is holding your company back

from growth and revenue increase?

Value X makes the bottlenecks clear, resolves them and makes your company flourish!

Value X has a fresh and inspiring approach to determine and exploit the growth potential of your company. We look at your company from the perspective of value increase. From the perspective of delivering, receiving and exchanging values to, from and with your customers. Where and how can you accomplish value increase, serve your customers better and generate more revenue?

Value X indicates clearly what is holding your company back, what the bottlenecks are in your company, to grow, to generate more revenue and to let your company flourish.

Value X looks at the opportunities for your company to increase value in different areas; better service for and contact with your (potential) customers, increased customer loyalty, new additional products and services, new customer and market segments and strengthen the market- and competitive-position of your company. In short: an innovative overarching approach that leads to great results!

What is the growth potential of your company and how can you exploit that? Value X finds the answers that will let your company grow!

Due to the covid-19 crisis there are no Masterclasses and Presentations planned at the moment. These are hard times in which Value X would love to offer her expertise to help entrepreneurs with an eConsult offer.

Value X Services

Value X Scans

A deep analysis into how your company can increase value, can grow and generate more revenue. Where are the bottlenecks, how to resolve those and an achievable step-by-step plan to quick results.

Masterclass 'Increase your added value'

Learn in 2 afternoons how to let your company excel. Increase your customer loyalty, customer value and your company's revenue. Develop new products and services, find new customers and let your company grow.

Presentation 'More high-paying customers'

Get new insights into how you can get more better paying customers and can increase your revenue. Can be applied immediately to further develop your company and to let it grow. Available soon.


Solid advise, interim management and the implementation of solutions from the Value X Scans. Custom workshops and presentaties, tailor-made for your organisation, are also possible.


Involvement with our customers, supplying solutions that suit their organizations and achieving great results for our clients. That is what Value X stands for. 

We are proud of are honored with the high appreciation our clients give us.


Hiring Value X for your company will lead to:

Curious about what Value X can do for your company? I would love to get acquainted !

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    What our clients say

    Learning with Alice through Value X has been a priceless process, helping me understand necessary strategic moves I now practice.

    The Value X scans clearly identified both my company’s strengths and roadblocks.  As a direct result of this knowledge, I approach every aspect of my product with the concept of value exchange foremost. I confidently make decisions that reasonably add value to the relationship among my customers, my product, my brand and me.  Everybody is happier, including my bottom line.

    Business start-up

    United States

    I’ve been working with Alice for a long time. We conceived and developed many ideas over the past few years, for ourselves, but also for others. What I like about working with Alice is that she brings me new ideas to help me further with my business. When I call Alice, she always provides at least 2 new ideas that I use to further strengthen my business.

    Rob Cuperus

    Owner Goodwin.nl

    The Value X Scan that Alice made with me, is exceptionally valuable. This made me aware of what differentiates me from other counsellers and coaches; ‘target groups’ and areas of attention are clearly put into perspective.

    Alice listens to wishes, has a strong sense of purpose, looks at your goals and thinks along with you.

    Joke Spannenburg

    Owner Relief Counselling

    About Value X

    Value X is established by Alice van den Boogaard. Alice worked as a customer and market strategist, marketing intelligence manager, researcher and consultant. Revenue increase, business growth, value increase and measurable results have always been a matter of course for her.

    From small business owners till large (international) multinationals, Alice has helped many companies with revenue increase and business growth. Together with these companies, Alice has worked on the increase of revenue per customer, finding new customer groups, the increase of customer loyalty, the development of new products and services and improved collaboration within companies.

    Through time, Alice has learned what the conditions are for business growth and revenue increase; delivering, receiving and exchanging values. Alice has worked out how to increase these values in het Value Exchange Management Model. Based on this model, she developed the Value X Scans, the Masterclass ‘Increase you added value’ and the Presentation ‘More high-paying customers’.

    Alice always sees opportunities and in very interested in and involves with the entrepreneurs and companies she works with. Analytical and a conceptual thinker that can translate concepts to achievable goals that suit the organization she is working for. Results oriented, no-nonsense, a little bit absorbed in though sometimes and with a good sense of humor. 

    On a daily basis, Alice works with many entrepreneurs on the increase of value within their companies. With pleasure and enthusiasm and with very satisfied clients as the most important result.

    Are you curious about what Value X can do for your company? Do you have questions, or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!