Masterclass 'Increase your added value'

Learn in 2 afternoons how to make your company excel

Increase your customer loyalty, your customer value and your revenue and let your company grow

Do you daily passionately at your company, do you work hard, but you don’t generate enough revenue? Than the Masterclass ‘Increase your added value’ is for you! This Masterclass is about how you can deliver more value to and from your customers by making your added value absolutely clear. 

In the Masterclass ‘Increase your added value’ you will learn how you as an entrepreneur can deliver added value to your (potential) customers. And, how you can receive more value back, like: revenue and loyal customers that recommend you to others. 

We look at the opportunities for your company to increase value in multiple areas; a high level offer, better services for and communication with your (potential) customers, improved customer loyalty, new additional products and services and new customer groups and market segments.  In short: an innovative overarching approach that leads to great results!

How does the Masterclass 'Increase your added value' work

In the Masterclass ‘Increase your added value’ you will step-by-step make your own action plan. In 2 afternoons Masterclass instructor Alice van den Boogaard will guide you, with examples, interaction and assignments, towards how you can take your company to a higher level. After 2 afternoons you will have your own step-by-step action plan to let your company grow and generate more revenue. 


After the Masterclass you immediately have an action plan in your hands to let your company excel. 

Participants about the Masterclass 'Increase your added value'

If you are looking for (new) opportunities to take your company to a higher level, want to (re)discover your own talents and serve your customers with a high value offer, than this is a very valuable Masterclass. In two afternoons you will receive insight, ideas and concrete practical tools with which you actually can increase your added value, and the value of your company, for your customers.

Joke Spannenburg

Owner Relief Counselling

This Masterclass has given me insight into my own effectiveness as an entrepreneur and has given me practical tools with which I can bring my company to a higher level and increase its visibility.  I am happy with the treatment from the Masterclass instructor. Very clear and with enough room for individual questions.

Arti Cijntje

Owner Arti's Shed

Very nice!

Useful Masterclass, lets you look at your own activities and company from an other perspective. With this you will get different, surprising insights and new ideas for products, services and customers.

Rob Cuperus


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Due to the covid-19 crisis there are no Masterclasses and Presentations planned at the moment. These are hard times in which Value X would love to offer her expertise to help entrepreneurs with an eConsult offer.

Please contact us for the availability of the Masterclass ‘Increase your added value’ in English.

The Masterclass ‘Increase your added value’ is 2 afternoons (2 times 4 hours) in two consecutive weeks. The maximum number of participants aantal deelnemers per Masterclass is 10.

The price of the Masterclass is € 675,- (excl VAT).

An in-company Masterclass, with multiple participants from the same organization, is also possible. Please contact us to the discuss the possibilities.

For the Masterclass our Terms & Conditions are applicable. 

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