What is your company's potential

for business growth and revenue increase?

The Value X Scans give insight into your growth potential and into how to utilize it

Generating more revenue, involving more customers and achieving business growth. The Value X Scans are developed to quickly get insight in the growth potential of our company. With the Value X Scans you wil get your hands on a manageable guide for business growth in the (near) future.

Value X looks at your company from the perspective of value increase. From the perspective of delivering, receiving and exchanging value to, from and with your customers. Where and how can you achieve value increase, serve your customers better, generate more revenue and let your business grow?

The Value X Scans identify your opportunities for business growth in multiple areas; enhanced service for and communication with you (potential) customers, improves customer loyalty, new additional products and services, new customer groups and market segments and strengthening of the competitive-position of your company. In short: an innovative overarching approach based on years of experience and achieving great results.

How the Value X Scans work

The perfect world and conditions are elaborated in our Value Exchange Management Model. The Value X Scans are based on this model and assess which terms and conditions are missing in your company. Which bottlenecks are holding your company back and what is needed, which solutions are there, to let your company grow and generate more revenue.

The Value X Scans work on the basis of conversations, data analysis and workshops.

The Value X Scans consists of 3 steps:

1. An inventorying scan

Where are the bottlenecks in your company and how do they hold your company back from growing. You will receive an interim report with the results of the inventorying scan.

2. Scans per focus point

When needed, we will look at one or more focus points in greater depth. This way we will only tackle what is really needed to let your company grow and generate more revenue.

3. A clear step-by-step plan

Quickly to execute steps to succes: to let your company flourish! Achievable solutions that suit your company and that you can implement immediately. Of course, Value X can help you with that.

Results of the Value X Scans

The Value X Scans are unique in achieving great results in multiple areas:

Our clients about the Value X Scans

With the results of the Value X Scans I confidently make decisions that add value to the relationship among my customers, my product, my brand and me. Everybody is happier, including my bottom line.

The Value X Scans give me great insight in ​​what distinguishes me from my competition. My value proposition, additional products and target groups are now very clear.

The eight focus points:

Focus points 1 and 2 look into the value potential. How can the value that your customers receive be increased, like: (additional) products, service and an enhanced customer relationship.

How can the value that your company receives be increased, like: increased revenue, more loyal customers and a higher market share. But also, how can you get more revenue out of your existing customers (the up & cross sell potential).

Focus points 3 and 4 are about strategy. Which market position is tour company aiming for and are there other markets, segments and customer groups to whom your company can deliver value. But also, is there specific knowledge within your company that can be used to strengthen your company’s position. 

The customer strategy looks at how your company serves its customers and how it can increase customer loyalty.

Focus point 5 looks at the (optimization) of value exchange. How can your company reach (potential) customers and via which online and offline channels.

Focus point 6 goes into the goals your company wants to achieve. How can your company measure and monitor goals so you can adjust when needed.

Focus point 7 looks at which information and knowledge there is within your company about customers, markets and competitors. And into how you can use that information and knowledge to let your company grow and generate more revenue.

Focus point 8 looks into how technology can contribute to value(exchange), business growth and revenue increase. 

Are you curious about what Value X can do for your company? Do you have questions, or suggestions? We would love to hear from you!