Value X


Do you have a good idea of ​​what your organization wants to achieve and what you need to establish?

Today's actions determine the outcome of the future. It is therefore important that you as an entrepreneur are aware that your company exchanges value with its customers. You deliver value to your customers and receive value in return. But what values ​​do you deliver, and what do you get back?

“now I know how important ‘value’ is for my company to realize growth”

We developed the Value X Scans for this

A depth analysis of how your company can increase revenue, loyalty and customer value. The Value X Scans help your company to create value, get insight into your company’s growth  potential, find new markets and customers and strengthen your market share.

“every company has opportunities to increase value and revenue”

The Value X Scans have the advantage that your organization can quickly achieve results and be more flexible, allowing you to respond more quickly to the wishes and expectations of the changing surroundings.

With this product you, as an entrepreneur, have a tool to better structure the value chain in the organization.

Results with the Value X Scans:

  • Multiple opportunities to increase your revenue and to grow your business.
  • Value propositions, what is your added value to your customers.
  • New customers, market segments and customer groups.
  • Strengthening of the market- and competitive-position.
  • New additional products and / or services that suit your (potential) customers and your company.
  • Loyal customers who buy more products and / or services from you and recommend you to others.
  • Insight into how employees contribute to growth and the increase in value.
  • A clear and concrete overall approach to grow your business. Now and in the future.

What our clients say about the Value X Scans

  • "With the results of the Value X Scans I confidently make decisions that add value to the relationship among my customers, my product, my brand and me. Everybody is happier, including my bottom line."
  • "Thanks to the Value X Scans, I have a clear picture of what differentiates me from my competitors. My value proposition, additional services and target groups are clearly mapped out."

The Value X Scans are developed by Alice van den Boogaard.

Alice worked as a customer and market strategist, marketing intelligence manager, researcher and consultant. Increasing revenue, business growth, value increase and measurable results have always been a matter of course to her.

For Value X values ​​are important for the success and growth of a company. How to increase these values ​​Alice has worked out in her Value Exchange Management model. She developed the Value X Scans based on this model.

From the entrepreneur in the small and medium-sized business to the large (international) multinational, Alice has helped many companies with revenue increase and business growth. Every day Alice works together with many entrepreneurs and freelancers to increase value in their companies.

With great pleasure and enthusiasm, great success and with satisfied customers as the most important result.