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anonymous-logo-100-x-100Cliënt: Anoniem

Project afgerond: 2016

Website: Binnenkort verwacht

Contactpersoon: Anoniem

Locatie: Verenigde Staten


Project waardering



Learning with Ms. van den Boogaard through Value X has been a priceless process, helping me understand necessary strategic moves I now practice.

The Value X scans clearly identified both my company’s strengths and roadblocks.  As a direct result of this knowledge, I approach every aspect of my product with the concept of value exchange foremost.  From the moment I begin to create, while I am selecting packaging, to the moment I deliver my products to my customers and beyond, I confidently make decisions that reasonably add value to the relationship among my customers, my product, my brand and me.  Everybody is happier, including my bottom line.

Many thanks to Value X for teaching me how to better organize my financials.  Ms. van den Boogaard is deeply committed to my independence as an entrepreneur, a mandatory factor in any type of lasting success, whether in business or life.

Klein bedrijf dat Scalp & Body Balm maakt met natuurlijke en organische ingrediënten, en planten en bomen kweekt.